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GWR Full Site Overhaul

Many of our clients have simple, informational websites that simply display their core offerings and give visitors a means to contact for more info. This project was on the opposite side of the spectrum and required advanced functionality, data-heavy CMS implementation, and a professional redesign of 200+ pages. Read our case study below and Click Here to view the live site!

Client Background: Global Water Resources is a leading water resource management company, serving the most populated areas in Arizona, particularly Maricopa County. With a market cap of $315 million, Global Water Resources plays a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable water supply and management in the region.


  1. Outdated and cumbersome website interface.

  2. Lack of clear representation of capabilities.

  3. Need for improved consumer confidence and investor engagement.

  4. Absence of customer support resources on the website.

  5. Inefficient service inquiry process.

Our Approach: At KayBee, we embarked on a comprehensive website revamp endeavor to address Global Water Resources' multifaceted needs. Our approach centered on:

  1. Strategic Content Organization: We revamped over 200 website pages to streamline content presentation, ensuring that Global Water Resources' capabilities and financial data are prominently displayed for investors and consumers alike.

  2. Enhanced User Experience: With a focus on consumer confidence, we redesigned the website interface to instill trust and credibility, making it easier for visitors to navigate and find relevant information.

  3. Customer Support Integration: Recognizing the importance of customer support, we built out dedicated pages for rate details, understanding bills, and water conservation, empowering consumers with valuable resources and information.

  4. Digital Transformation: Our implementation of digitized calls to action for starting/stopping service has revolutionized the service inquiry process, significantly reducing the need for extensive phone support hours.


  1. Improved Accessibility: The revamped website offers a user-friendly interface, allowing visitors to effortlessly access critical information, resulting in enhanced consumer engagement and satisfaction.

  2. Increased Investor Confidence: By showcasing comprehensive financial data and operational capabilities, the new website has bolstered investor confidence, contributing to sustained market growth and investor interest.

  3. Streamlined Customer Support: The integration of customer support resources has empowered consumers with valuable information, reducing support inquiries and improving overall customer satisfaction.

  4. Efficient Service Inquiry Process: The digitized calls to action for service inquiries have streamlined the process, leading to significant reductions in phone support hours and operational costs.

Conclusion: Through a collaborative effort with Global Water Resources, KayBee has successfully revitalized their online presence and transformed their digital landscape. By implementing a user-centric design approach, integrating essential customer support resources, and leveraging digital solutions, we've not only enhanced consumer confidence but also facilitated investor engagement and operational efficiency.


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