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Magatte Wade Inspirational Website

Magatte is absolutely incredible to work with, Click Here to view her new live site!

Client Background: Magatte Wade is a prominent Senegalese entrepreneur and thought leader, renowned for her impassioned advocacy for economic empowerment in Africa. With a diverse background and global recognition, Magatte Wade has captivated audiences worldwide through her TEDTalks and appearances on top podcasts like those with Jordan Peterson and Lex Friedman.


  1. Outdated website lacking in functionality and modern aesthetics.

  2. Need to promote her book, "The Heart of a Cheetah", and showcase her latest projects effectively.

  3. Desire to provide visitors with easy access to her top podcast appearances.

  4. Absence of a cohesive brand identity and visual representation.

Our Approach: At KayBee, we embarked on a transformative journey to revamp Magatte Wade's online presence and amplify her impact on a global scale. Our approach included:

  1. Comprehensive Website Redesign: We crafted a dynamic and visually striking website that reflects Magatte Wade's vibrant personality and advocacy. The new design incorporates an edgy color scheme inspired by bright African colors of orange, green, and magenta, creating a visually compelling experience for visitors.

  2. Promotion of "The Heart of a Cheetah": We developed dedicated sections on the website to prominently feature Magatte Wade's book, "The Heart of a Cheetah", providing visitors with easy access to purchase information and resources related to the book.

  3. Showcasing Latest Projects: We implemented a user-friendly interface to showcase Magatte Wade's latest projects, initiatives, and speaking engagements, allowing visitors to stay updated on her ongoing endeavors and contributions.

  4. Podcast Integration: Recognizing the importance of Magatte Wade's podcast appearances, we seamlessly integrated a podcast section into the website, enabling visitors to listen to her top podcast interviews directly from the site, enhancing accessibility and engagement.


  1. Enhanced Brand Presence: The vibrant and visually appealing website design has strengthened Magatte Wade's brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and reinforcing her position as a thought leader and influencer.

  2. Increased Book Exposure: The dedicated sections for "The Heart of a Cheetah" have facilitated greater exposure and engagement with Magatte Wade's book, driving sales and amplifying its impact among her audience.

  3. Improved Engagement: The integration of podcast features and easy access to her latest projects has resulted in increased visitor engagement and interaction with Magatte Wade's content, fostering deeper connections and interest in her work.

Conclusion: Through our collaboration with Magatte Wade, KayBee has successfully transformed her digital presence, providing a platform that effectively promotes her book, showcases her projects, and connects her with a global audience. By incorporating edgy design elements, intuitive navigation, and seamless integration of key features, we've empowered Magatte Wade to continue inspiring and influencing audiences worldwide.


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