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FMK Hospitality Website Engagement


This engagement consisted of 11 websites in total (FMK Corporate + 10 individual restaurant websites). FMK Hospitality is a renowned restaurant group with a diverse portfolio of nine restaurants located throughout Florida. From Italian steakhouses to seafood bars and country clubs, FMK Hospitality offers a wide range of dining experiences, all unified under a commitment to exceptional service and culinary excellence.

Explore the Redesigned Sites:


  • Outdated website platforms that lacked modern functionality and design.

  • Inconsistent branding across individual restaurant websites.

  • Ineffective online ordering systems leading to decreased direct sales.

  • Fragmented loyalty program implementation across different restaurants.

  • Poor SEO performance, affecting visibility and online reach.

Our Approach:

At KayBee, we undertook a comprehensive project to redesign FMK Hospitality's digital presence, focusing on both their parent company website and the individual sites of each restaurant. Our approach included:

  1. Website Design:

  • Enhancing Layout, Look, and Feel: We revamped the design of each site to ensure a captivating and cohesive visual identity that aligns with FMK Hospitality's branding. This involved modernizing the aesthetics and improving the overall user interface.

  • Showcasing Menus: We created visually appealing and easy-to-navigate menu pages for each restaurant, ensuring customers can quickly find and view the offerings.

  • Online Ordering Integration: By implementing advanced online ordering systems, we aimed to boost direct sales and provide a seamless ordering experience for customers.

  1. Brand Consistency:

  • We ensured that all individual restaurant websites had a consistent branding approach, reinforcing FMK Hospitality's overall brand identity while allowing each restaurant to maintain its unique charm.

  1. Loyalty Program Integration:

  • We developed a cohesive loyalty program framework that is seamlessly integrated across all restaurant websites, enhancing customer retention and engagement.

  1. SEO Optimization:

  • By optimizing each website for search engines, we improved their visibility and search rankings. This involved strategic keyword placement, meta tag optimization, and creating SEO-friendly content.


  • Unified Digital Presence:

  • The redesigned websites now offer a unified and cohesive brand experience, reflecting FMK Hospitality's identity and values.

  • Increased Direct Sales:

  • The improved online ordering systems have led to a significant increase in direct sales, providing customers with an easy and efficient way to order their favorite dishes online.

  • Enhanced User Experience:

  • The revamped menu pages and user-friendly interfaces have made it easier for customers to browse and explore offerings, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Improved SEO Performance:

  • The SEO optimization efforts have led to higher search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, and greater online visibility for all FMK Hospitality restaurants.

  • Integrated Loyalty Program:

  • The cohesive loyalty program implementation has fostered greater customer loyalty and repeat business across all restaurant locations.


Through our partnership with FMK Hospitality, KayBee has successfully transformed their online presence by delivering modern, user-friendly websites for their parent company and each individual restaurant. Our holistic approach to design, branding, online ordering, loyalty programs, and SEO optimization has enhanced customer engagement, increased direct sales, and solidified FMK Hospitality's reputation as a leader in the Florida dining scene.


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